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Wawona Hotel 2022 Information


5:30pm - 9:30pm Tuesday - Saturday

August 9 - November 12, plus Nov. 22 - 26

Employee housing and seasonal rentals remain scarce in the area. I've booked vacation rental cabins at The Redwoods In Yosemite for selected weeks during the season, the costs of which far exceed my earnings. The generosity of several Wawona homeowners, who have provided complimentary stays in their cabins, has offset those costs and expanded my performance schedule. We'll continue to seek employee-housing or a seasonal rental to make my continued appearances at the Wawona Hotel sustainable.


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December 12, 2021

We've accomplished our move to San Luis Obispo county on California's central coast (see our June announcement, below). While Diane and I are busy remodeling our new home in San Luis Obispo County, we and the good folks at the Wawona Hotel are looking forward to our return in the spring, as long as we can work out the logistics. We’ll keep you posted, and wish all our Wawona neighbors a love-filled holiday season and new year!  

June 7, 2021

Dear Friends,

I’m writing to let you know that Diane and I have made the tough decision to change our home-base to California’s central coast, but with the intent that I continue to perform seasonally at the Wawona Hotel.

Our goal is to relocate to a place more amenable to senior-needs as we age, to get it done while we’re still fit enough to handle the challenge of moving, and still be a half day’s drive from the Wawona Hotel, where I hope to perform as often as possible.

During recent weeks, the task of selling our home, finding and buying a new one, packing, and planning the move across the state, has increasingly consumed our time and attention. As with any such plan, there are a variety of outcomes, but they all include my continuing at the hotel. 

Once we have found a buyer for our home in Wawona, secured a new home on the coast, and accomplished the move, we’ll have a better idea of when I can return to the hotel for the season. In the meantime, know that I dearly, deeply miss sharing our piano-parlor with you.

For us, 2020 was a year for reflection. Now, 2021 has become a year for transition – not away from, but rather adding to our connection to dear Wawona. We remember, as a way of comforting ourselves, the many others associated with Wawona and Yosemite who had that dual connection to other parts of California: Galen Clark had Summerland, the Washburns had Oakland, San Francisco, and Indio, John Muir had Martinez, Carl Sharsmith had San Jose, Ansel Adams had Carmel, and for many of our neighbors Wawona is their second home.

During the off-season, I may look into expanding my performance-venues by bringing a bit of Wawona to the coast. I’ll also concentrate on a few new book projects related to Wawona (one is nearly finished), as well as video, photography, and music with, of course, Diane as my creative muse and production design expert. And if she’s not exhausted from working with me, Diane has a good deal of watercolor art to create.

I lived my first four summer seasons upstairs in the Wawona Hotel, followed by sixteen years in Oakhurst (the latter eight years with Diane). After that, together with our kitties we lived fourteen sweet years in Fish Camp. Now, with full hearts, celebrating five magical years as full-time residents of Wawona, we join the many part-timers who keep and cherish a spiritual connection to our home in the Sierra.

See you at the hotel!

Best wishes,

Tom & Diane Bopp



VIRTUAL ON-LINE FESTIVAL with Tom Bopp and many other great musicians!





In lieu of Tom's Annual Concert, he was presented live on this 20-minute Facebook presentation - you don't have to join Facebook to watch! Just click on the link:  


Features Tom's duet with the late great Bill Field on the Mighty Wurlitzer theater pipe organ! Show starts at 2 minutes-ten-seconds in, just enough time to get some popcorn and macaroons.



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