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UCLA Magazine article on Tom - 2009

Two articles about the Wawona Hotel and Tom Bopp published in several newspapers in 2007.

Read a review by Herb Benham of a quiet, magical night in the parlor of the Wawona Hotel as Tom serenades listeners with Celtic music from his CD, "Meadowloop."

The August, 2000 edition of America West (airline) magazine featured an article about Tom by freelance writer Kathryn Wilkins. 

Hear an article on the Wawona Hotel featured on The Savvy Traveler, broadcast October, 2000 on Public Radio International.  Hal Cannon and Teresa Jordan host, with interviews of various Wawonans including Tom.


YOSEMITE ENTERTAINMENT is the premiere provider of live or recorded music services for weddings and all types of social gatherings and corporate events in and around Yosemite National Park. 

Yosemite Suite Performed by pianist Noel Benkman, composed by his uncle.  A really fine performance of an excellent piece of vintage Yosemite music.  Highly recommended (read my review at his site).

The Music Of Yosemite Performed by pianist/composer Rick Erlien.  A pleasing and successful album demonstrating a more recent incarnation of Yosemite music.   

John Muir Tribute CD A moving tribute with folk music, readings, and birdsongs--Muir talked so often of singing his exuberance in Yosemite, and this CD helps us to put a voice to that spirit.

Christmas In Yosemite available at Amazon.com.  Haven't heard it.

Yosemite Heritage Holidays A yearly cultural event that once graced The Ahwahnee Hotel.



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Born In Yosemite 
Features Tom Bopp's essay "Music In Yosemite."

Peter T. Hoss 2011

The Discovery of Yosemite 
1833 Route of the Walker Expedition Through the Yosemite Region
By Grant Hiskes & John Hiskes

HikeHalfDome.com  Make it to the top with Rick Deutsch.


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YosemiteCampers.com  Includes a discussion forum.