The following quotes are from
"Yosemite Trails," by J. Smeaton Chase. Published in 1911, his observations are still fresh.  
     "Wawona Meadows themselves might 
be called the Sleepy Hollow of the West."

     "It...comes near being the most idyllic spot 
I have seen anywhere (which is a considerable 
admission for an Englishman to make). Here 
is an unbroken meadow, green as heaven, a 
mile long, waving knee-high with all delicious 
grasses and threaded with brooklets of crystal 
water. It is surrounded with a rail-fence that 
rambles in and out and around about and hither 
and thither in that sauntering way that makes a 
rail fence such a companionable thing..." 
     "All forest places are places of rest, and 
meadows and valleys are even more so in 
their nature. Wawona combines them all, 
and indeed I do not know a more idyllic spot. 
Seclusion is in the very air, and its beauty 
is of that gentle and perfect quality that 
does not so much command one's admiration 
as it quietly captivates one's heart." 
     "...I for one always feel that if Yosemite has 
the greater glory, Wawona has the deeper 

     Couldn't have said it better. 
We're back upstairs by the 
window of #29--you can see 
the reflection of the golf-course 
and forest, beyond the railing; 
inside the window are an antique 
fan, lamp, pitcher, and music folio. 
     Time to put on some music, sit 
back, and count the trees.