Diane Detrick Bopp







·         Cal State Fresno – Master of Arts in Art

·         Cal Poly San Luis Obispo – Master of Arts in Education

(Reading Specialist and Counseling)

·         Cal State Northridge – Bachelor of Fine Arts in Art/Design


Professional Background


1998 – 2004 Art Instructor, Yosemite High School, Oakhurst, CA

1997 – Present: State Center Community College, Oakhurst, CA

1995 – 1998 Art Instructor, Oakhurst Intermediate School, Oakhurst, CA

1990 – 1994 Art Instructor, Canyon High School, Canyon Country, CA

1987 – 1989 Art Instructor, Pegasus Program, U.C. Irvine

1985 – 1992 Art Instructor, Bruin Kid’s Program, U.C.L.A.

1984 – 1993 Instructor, Yosemite Art Activity Center

1975 – 1990 Art Instructor, Beverly Hills High School




1990 Friends of Cypress Show, W. Vancouver, B.C. Canada

1990 Quadra Gallery, Quadra Island, B.C., Canada

1986 Kronquist Gallery, Laguna Beach, California

1986 Hutchins Gallery, Cambria, California

1985 First Yosemite Renaissance Art Exhibition, Honorable Mention

1984 Solo Exhibition, Yosemite Visitor's Center, Yosemite National Park

         (one of the 10 exhibited paintings was acquired for the Yosemite

         National Park Museum Collections)

1984 – 1993 Yosemite Art Activity Center

1969 Egg And The Eye Gallery, Los Angeles, California


Diane Detrick Bopp lives in the Sierra Nevada Mountains near Yosemite National Park.

Artist's Statements

·         I am, therefore I make stuff. I create from my innermost feelings & beliefs.

·         Being an art teacher leads one to master lots of different media and techniques.

·         In teaching art I try to encourage inner beauty and goodness among students, who I hope will then go out and create even more goodness and beauty.

·         For me, good art is linked to good people, good moments, and good places.

·         For me, beauty in art must spring from the beauty in people, places, and fleeting moments – I value those things first, and the art that they inspire, second.

·         Sheer pleasure is to dispense pigment-ladened water smoothly onto good paper with a sable hair brush, create richness through layering, and exploit the transparency of watercolor.

·         Deep glowing colors and enticing textures speak in ways that words cannot.

·         These pictures will hopefully take you beyond the superficial aspects of subject, technique, and composition, directly to the feeling of the moment. I hope that you’ll leave this exhibit, not with memories of paintings, but of precious moments, people and places.