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You've just stepped out 
the door of #29, on to the 
upstairs front deck, and into 
the mountain air, as was my 
privilege for four summers, 
living at the Wawona Hotel. 

Maybe I can capture a 
little of what that was like 
through these pages... 

The Wawona Hotel, in 
Yosemite National Park, has 
been in business since 1857. 
I've been the musician here 
since May, 1983. I live in Fish Camp 
now, about 15 minutes from 
Wawona. I'll be updating this 
page as the seasons change, 
so do come back! 
That's me, in 1983...or is it 1938? 
One loses track of time, up here. 
Before 1987, the name painted on the 
front of the hotel was "Hotel Wawona." 
I liked it, but they changed it back to 
the original.