Up a nearby stream, I've 
spent many hours watching 
water ouzels (John Muir's favorite). 
Can you spot their nest in the photo? 
Properly called "American 
Dipper," you'll find them at 
any sierra stream, bobbing 
and diving for food.

Both parents zip up and down 
the stream, bringing back food. 
I set up my camera and sat 
perfectly still for a long time 
to get these shots. 
One of the best ways to experience 
Yosemite is to find a comfortable 
spot, away from other people, 
and sit still for an hour or two. 

I wonder if water ouzels eat "water-skeeters..."

...I guess they're not telling.

A good way to avoid the Yosemite 
crowds is to avoid parking lots, stores, 
and "scenic viewpoints." 
Handy tip: if you find yourself in a crowd 
in Yosemite, walk 100 yards in any 
direction, and you'll find yourself 
all alone, even on a busy weekend!