December 1, 2014


In case you were wondering: The lawsuit filed by the previous owner of the meadow has been dropped, with prejudice, meaning as we understand it that the issue may not be revisited - we won! The current owners are showing tepid interest in continuing the project; though they may eventually go so far as to cut some trees and bulldoze some earth. Most observers (who know much more about such things than I) believe they merely aim to make it appear to some future purchaser (buyer beware!) that the project is still alive, when it is actually not. 

We look forward to the proposal of a responsible development someday - or none at all. It has taken a bit of effort over many years, but our Fish Camp neighbors have succeeded in helping Mariposa County to reign in an ill-advised development and direct it toward a higher standard. 

Meanwhile we continue to enjoy pure, untreated mountain water, and look ahead to adding more wells and storage to guarantee a happy future for Fish Camp. This community is awesome!