These pages will include bits of history, news, local 
ephemera, and my own musings, as there is time. 

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12/2022 Bopp Family Year-end Note
12/2021 Bopp Family Year-end Note
12/2020 Bopp Family Year-end Note
2/2020 What's a Honky-Tonk Parade?
12/2019 Bopp Family Year-end Note
12/2018 Bopp Family Year-end Note
12/2017 Bopp Family Year-end Note
12/2016 Bopp Family Year-end Note
6/2016 Opening for President Obama
1/2015 The Ahwahnee Pianos
12/2015 Bopp Family Year-end Note
12/2014 Bopp Family Year-end Note
12/2014 Fish Camp Doings - Repose
6/2014 Yosemite Commissioners Biographies
1/2014 Essay: Music & The Yosemite Experience
12/2013 Bopp Family Year-end Note
4/2013 Merced River Plan
1/2013 Ray Bopp 1925 - 2013
5/2012 Fish Camp Doings
12/2011 Bopp Family Year-end Note
1/2011 Fish Camp Doings
1/2011 The Man in the Straw Hat
12/2010 Bopp Family Year-end Note
10/2010 Mrs. Hartwig's Book
10/2010 Yosemite Conservancy - Bopp's Speech
7/2010 U.S.Mint premieres Yos. Quarter - Bopp's Speech
4/2010 Mark Twain on Yosemite
12/2009 Bopp Family Holiday Letter
11/2009 Fish Camp Doings




8/2009 Yosemite Heritage Holidays remembered
1/2009 Obama's voice in Wawona
11/2008 Salmon in Yosemite?

11/2006 Wawona's Character Threatened
7/2006 Wawona's Sesquicentennials
7/2005 Sesquicentennial of Yosemite Tourism
4/2004 Tom address Interior Secretary Gail Norton
8/2003 What to keep or remove in Yosemite
11/2001 Mark Flanagan, in memoriam
9/2001 Missing Since 9/11: Wawona Employee Darren Bohan

10/2000 "Savvy Traveler" radio spot about the Wawona

10/2000 Wawona Washburn Hartwig, in memoriam
9/2000 1964: "36 Hours" filmed at Wawona Hotel
8/2000 America West Magazine on Tom Bopp
6/2000 David Curry on the Draft Yosemite Valley Plan

3/2000 Bakersfield Californian on Tom Bopp

5/11/2000 Letter to Yosemite Plan Committee

1/1/2000 Keith Bee, aka Glenn Willard, in memoriam
12/1999 On skiing with your eyes shut (poem)
9/3/1998 Pop Culture in Yosemite
7/7/1997 Mt. Savage 
3/5/1997 Back Open! 
The road to Mariposa grove (by poet Marc Petrie)
1/14/1997 Yosemite Shrugged 
1/8/1997 A Dormant Hotel 
Wawona Chronology (by Stanley Valim) 
1995 Composed by Bopp: The Nepalese Rag
1990 The Origin of Oakhurst