On October 27, 2001, a mass was held for Darren Bohan at St. Joseph's Church, 242 Wall Street, in Kingston, NY. 

Wawona  Journal
Listed As Missing Since
September 11, 2001

Darren Bohan worked at the Wawona Hotel from 1991 to 1998, in the dining room and as assistant to Yosemite Concession Services employee housing director Karl Bralich.  In Karl's words:

     "He was great to work with because he kept an open mind and heart to all of the employees we served. He communicated their needs and concerns, and helped insure the best quality of life for concession employee residents, helping to balance the company's interests and goals with 'doing the right thing.'"
     "More importantly, Darren was a friend and supporter of everyone he met. He was a musician who entertained us when we celebrated. He was a listener who consoled us when we commiserated. He was a concerned human being who thought about things deeply. While Darren could be troubled by injustice and inequity, at heart, Darren loved life."
     "Like many young folks to whom Wawona is a wonderful but fleeting refuge, after a number of years Darren felt the call to continue his education and left Wawona. He always had a soft spot in his heart for the friends he made here and for the splendor of nature he enjoyed here."

UPDATE: As of 5/2/2011, Darren's memorial site is here

The following is from a now offline Darren Bohan Memorial website:

     Like so many New Yorkers, there was more to Darren Bohan than met the eye. By day he was a temp and for the past few months he worked on the 102nd floor of 2 World Trade Center, where he crunched numbers for the Aon Corporation. But Mr. Bohan would rather have been plucking a banjo or strumming his guitar, jamming with friends until late at night.
     Alison Kelley, his girlfriend, said he hoped to parlay his musical talents into a full-time job, perhaps as a music teacher at a public school. "Music was so important to him," she said.
     Ms. Kelley, also a banjo player, spent many hours playing with Mr. Bohan. Their repertory ran from Irish ballads to songs by the rock band Kiss to 19th-century American roots music. "We'd play just about anything," Ms. Kelley said. The two had been inseparable since meeting at a music jam in Brooklyn seven months ago.
     Laid back, gentle and unpretentious, Mr. Bohan, 34, tried not to gripe too much about his day job, although he was not thrilled to be working 102 stories off the ground. "He didn't like being so unnaturally high up, in a place where something terrible happened before," she said. "But he'd just try to tell people it was a nice view."

Profile published in THE NEW YORK TIMES on September 25, 2001
Scholarship donations can be sent to:
Darren Bohan Memorial Scholarship Fund c/o
Board of Education
61 Crown Street
Kingston NY 12401

This photo and text were posted on a missing persons website shortly after 9/11:

Male, 34 years old, 6'0", 185 lbs., brown hair, green eyes
Temp worker, 102nd floor, Tower 2, scheduled arrival time 8:30 a.m.
Last Seen:
With co-workers in 102nd floor hallway. Darren was most likely wearing Dockers, button down shirt and shoes.  Family would like to know if anyone saw him in the stairs or elevator, or possibly outside before the plane hit Tower 2.

Finally, this email from a friend, dated 3/17/2002:
I thought you'd like to know that they found Darren's remains last week.  It seems that he at least made it to the lobby of the tower before it fell.  He will be buried in Hurley not far from the house he grew up in.  Please pass this on...  Thanks.  [An etching from a photo of Darren playing guitar, taken in Yosemite, graces his headstone].