The Life and Times of George Monroe and His Family

By Tom Bopp

“Just as there are the greatest of soldiers and sailors, artists and mechanics at times
 so there are greater stage drivers than their fellows and George Monroe was the greatest of all.”

– A.H. Washburn, Supt., Yosemite Stage & Turnpike Company

Spring of 1863 brought new optimism for the Union; Grant, after repeated successes in battle, was formally promoted by Lincoln to the exalted rank of Lieutenant General. The Monroes had further cause for optimism: seven years after their tenuous arrival in Mariposa, they were now well-known, established residents, and it appears that part of Mary’s program to rehabilitate her family had included some effective financial planning. With the funds she had brought from Georgia, and the success of Louis’ Tonsorial Saloon (and George’s newfound gold), the Monroes conceived a plan to establish their own ranch, or farm, outside of town.